Fit In The Community

Brand & culture change campaign

Through FITC, Nottingham City Council, Sport England and Nottingham City Homes have embarked on a mission to encourage the people living in social housing to become more active. Producing a brand whose ambition is to effect culture change has been an exciting task.

“A great team, you can’t help but be enthused when you meet with them. I would recommend them, without hesitation, for anybody who wants to develop or define their brand. What made Attitude stand out from the outset was their approach – they are experts when it comes to branding and they have worked closely with us from the start to understand the complexities of Fit in the Community and to define its brand story. Where once Fit in the Community struggled to define itself, we now have a strong identity which is being applied across a range of media, which Attitude has developed. Made up of an excellent team of designers, web developers, strategic marketing experts there passion for branding is infectious.”Tim Prentice | Marketing Officer