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Need some help defining your brand? We have some fantastic workshops to help tease out the information and make great, strategic decisions.

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Branding, the Attitude way

Tell your brand story

Storytelling is the oldest, most engaging and effective way of communicating, so why reinvent the wheel?! Every business has a story, which clearly defines who they are and what they stand for, so why not put that front and centre of everything you do? Our workshops help you to understand your brand story and your vision for the future, as well as helping to inform us as to how we can design and create an effective brand identity and style, which reflects you and your business perfectly.

We invite you to take some time to reflect and self-discover with us as your guide. We seek to tackle your strategic branding challenges in a single workshop (our famous "brand-storm"!) and will work to uncover the heart of your brand! By facilitating the exploration, analysis and consensus on who you are and what you stand for, we can form the basis of the brand story which will need to be told to our audience.

What happens at a Brand Workshop?

Our workshops are an opportunity to bring together your organisations key thinkers under one roof, to collaborate on defining the exact minutiae of your brand. The results are a deeper understanding of who you are, what you stand for and a robust positioning better reflecting your vision, mission, values, and promise.

Designed to cut through the clutter, our workshops delve into various layers of thinking, which all help to pull teams from indecision. They'll give answers which solve branding and marketing challenges in a short space of time, helping any organisation who wants to define the essence and purpose of their existence.

Though each brand workshop is tailored specifically for each of our clients, we would normally take you through a series of brainstorming tasks which will enable you to define your brand, objectives, target audiences, brand placement in the market and your overarching values. Throughout the workshops, a relaxed atmosphere is created in which you can share your thoughts, be constructive about what your brand can do next as well as being open minded about the possibilities that are available to you.

Who is involved in a Brand Workshop?

A variety of participants from your business best allows you and the key members of your team, to have their say about your brand and where to go next. Opening up the possibilities for new ideas and for everyone to be involved in your brand identity, is a great way to help get buy-in from staff and make them feel involved.

What happens after a workshop?

After your workshop we go away and draw up a written report of our findings, as well as any decisions you have made. This workshop report can then be used as a reference point going forwards to ensure that decisions made on a project by project basis, are in line with the general brand strategy. The results of the workshop are then used to form and develop a brand strategy, which in turn is used to produce your brand identity. The results of the workshop can then also form the basis of your marketing strategy going forwards.

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