Brand guideline design

Do you want to be able to use your brand effectively?

We can create a guideline document to accompany your new brand, which contains all you need to know about utilising everything visually.

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Continuity is king

Consistently apply your brand image

After creating the perfect brand identity for your business, we can help to produce a brand guideline document which will help you to reflect your new identity throughout the whole of your business. Brand guidelines are especially helpful for businesses who have a lot of marketing activity across a variety of locations, national or international, as they enable a consistent application of your image.

What are brand guidelines?

A brand guideline document is a full package, containing all you need to effectively use your new brand visually across all print and digital media. It will assist you in applying your brand throughout your business across different locations, not just with us at Attitude Design but with other design teams too. This helps you to achieve a clear voice for your business, which doesnt deviate and shows a recognisable, reliable, professional and consistent persona.

What is in a brand guidelines document?

A typical brand guidelines document will provide you with rules and help to effectively use your logo, identity, brand colours, typography, stationery and images. Guidelines are also given on how to use your brand in promotional material, email signatures and templates. All information is packaged in an easy to use document, which is also designed consistent with your brand identity.

To compliment your brand guidelines document, a media pack can also be included. This would contain all logo files, graphic elements, colours and fonts. Each are included to help you effectively use your brand throughout the whole of your company.

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