Adding Your Business To Google My Business


You might be familiar with Google My Business. It's Google's exciting FREE tool for business owners to make sure that their brand is represented properly across the Google search network. 
It makes managing your business much easier. It also pulls all of Google's business services into one handy platform, including:


  • Google+ - Google's social networking platform, where you can share messages, photos, videos and links. Good to do this, Google likes social sharing.
  • Reviews - Manage your reviews that customers post, which will be seen by people searching for businesses like yours. You'll also get those lovely stars you often see. 
  • Google Analytics - From one place you can quickly see all of your website's stats, including visitors, bounce rates, and much more.
  • Insights - See some useful information about your visibility, engagement levels, and trends across your industry. 
  • Google Maps - Manage whether or not you appear on the most widely-used mapping system on the internet, and how you appear.

How do I claim my business?

The first steps to taking control of your data on Google is by claiming your business through the Google My Business portal. There are three steps:

  • Set up your Google account
  • Add or Claim your business
  • Verify your business


Set Up Your Google Account

In order to log in to the Google My Business platform, you must have a Google account. if you have an existing Gmail account you can use that, or create a new account


Add or Claim Your Business

Once you've signed into a Google account, you can Add or Claim your business. To do so, visit the Google My Business dashboard, and then search for your business by name or address. If your business then shows up in the menu, click on the listing. You can then claim it. If your business doesn't appear, you can click None Of These Match and then enter your business information for the first time. 


Verify Your Business

Now that your business information has been entered, you can verify it's accuracy and confirm to Google that you own it and represent it. There are three ways of verifying your business with Google, and they are:

  • Mail - Google will send a postcard with a code on it. When this arrives, add the code to your Google My Business dashboard
  • Phone - Google will call you on the registered business phone number and give you a verification code, which you can enter on the Google My Business dashboard
  • Instant - If your business' website happens to be verified with the Google Search Console then you might get verified instantly if your website was verified with the same Google account

All done!

Now that you're all done, you've got your business listed on Google and made it easier for people to find you - hooray! 


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