7 Fantastic Free Stock Photo Websites

7 Fantastic Free Stock Photo Websites

If you're wanting to promote some great, fresh content, you're going to need some great, fresh imagery to really tell the story. Research has shown that having colourful visual imagery can increase a person's willingness to progress through a piece of content by 80%. Additionally, posts with images recieve 94% more views than posts or articles without any images.

Sometimes though for various reasons you may not be able to afford to spend money on images. Don't worry, there are loads of free resources out there you can use to get high quality stock photos and graphics.

To make things easier, we've compiled a list of the 7 best places for free stock photos across the web that are available for you to download, distribute and use as you wish for personal or commercial purposes.



1. Unsplash - www.unsplash.com

One of our favourites at Attitude is Unsplash. They release 10 new images every 10 days under something called the Creative Commons Zero licence. This resource is particularly interesting because of the uniqueness of the images. There is a large number of high-resolution photos to search through with some beautiful effects and styles. 


Pexels screenshot

2. Pexels - www.pexels.com

Another one of our favourites is Pexels, which contains a wide collection of free stock images for any use. They recieve up to 50 new additions of high-quality photos every single day, which means their vast stock increases by around 350 images per week. Their images aren't unique to Pexels, they are handpicked from different stock image sites around the web, however you are given the option to explore different categories and individual contributors.



3. Pixabay - www.pixabay.com

We love Pixabay here at Attitude, our creative team use it all the time thanks to it's enormous repository of thousands of free photos and videos too. You can also download illustrations and vector graphics, so there's something here for every project. Pixabay allows you to select between vertical or horizontal orientation and you can choose a particular height and width that you want the image to be larger than. As with most stock photo websites, you can search for a certain keyword.



4. Gratisography - www.gratisography.com

On Gratisography the images certainly stand out. They're evocative and striking and all are taken by Ryan McGuire from Bells Design. The site has the ability to search by category, for example; animals, nature, objects, people, urban and whimsical. You can also, if you wish, subscribe to the newsletter to get an email alert when some new pictures are added to the repository.



5. SplitShire - www.splitshire.com

Italian creative mind Daniel Nanescu created SplitShire with the sole purpose of giving life to some images that would've been dead without utility. Some of the stock images on SplitShire have recieved more than 6 million page views, and over 600,000 downloads in total. Thanks to the varying nature of the images, you won't struggle to find a great image in here for your next social media post or blog update.



6. StockSnap - www.stocksnap.io

According to StockSnap they are "not your typical crappy stock photo site", a big claim. They add hundreds of high-res photos each week, which are interesting and very versatile. The site has a handy search bar, like most free stock photo sites, to make it easy to find the image you want. You can also sort photos by date, number of views, whether the photo is trending, etc.



7. Magdeleine - www.magedeleine.co

Last but not least is Magdeleine. This site features a great collection of hand-picked photos for your viewing pleasure. It has various categories for things like people, animals, nature etc. The vast majority of photos include some colour images, but there's a great collection of black and white images also. The only downside of Magdeleine is that the images, whilst they fall under the Creative Commons Zero licence, require attribution.


The Creative Commons Zero licence

In case you're not aware, the CC0 licence was released by the non-profit organisation Creative Commons. If an image is licenced under the CC0 licence then they are free to use for any legal purpose, be it personal or commercial use. They can be modified, copies and distributed however you like and you don't need to ask permission nor do the images require attribution (saying where you got it from).


If you're looking for a creative design agency to create great images for you, or use images you've found to create compelling, quality content, blogs, social media posts, brochures or other print designs, please get in touch