We have take off!

Autumn is finally here! So with the leaves on the turn and a chill in the air, we have decided to embrace the seasonal change, and jump into autumn with the launch of our carefully crafted brand new website. The new Attitude Design Website has been a long time coming. Nurtured by our ever growing creative and geek teams, our crisp new site could never have been more prepared for its launch, and now we finally have take off!

A Personal Experience

Our new aesthetic not only pushes the Attitude brand to new levels, but also aims to engage its visitors on a more personal level. We have a story to tell, this story is incorporated into every element of our new website allowing people to get to know us as a brand, a business, and a family. The Parralax Scrolling header reveals a timelapse of our view from the Attitude studio bringing you to the main focus of our site, which is to engage people in the personal offline experience that the Attitude Design team have with clients, whilst working online. 

New Features

Bold colour choice, combined with our typically minimalist style helps the site to feel more effectively functional and direct. The effortless navigation of our website, its fluid responsive web design and thumbnail portfolio section provides people with easy accessibility to our story, our clients stories, and a strong personal engagement. The site highlights a fundamental change in how Attitude Design has been functioning. These features collectively work well on mobile devices and desktops. The website reveals an explosively creative, edgy aspect of Attitude Design, yet does not take away from the highly polished, professional nature of our brand.

Our Services

We now offer a new full service, with storybased brand and marketing strategies which our traditional services, such as web design, business cards, and flyers automatically fall out of. To see what we can do for you, check out our new 'Services' section for information on website design, branding and marketing materials. Make sure you also visit our 'Journal' for latest news and marketing tips! 

Easily accessible, fresh, and efficient.

We would love to hear your thoughts!